A NICU Graduation {Orlando Lifestyle Photographer}

When my friend Rebecca reached out in need of another photographer to document a NICU graduation I jumped at the chance to be there. As a NICU mom myself, there’s just something we all share, a bond so to speak because we’ve all experienced the roller coaster of emotions when you spend any amount of time in the NICU.

Some of us spend more time than others. My boys were in for 4 short weeks. I remember thinking everyday that it felt like we would never get out. But could you imagine spending 4 MONTHS in there? This sweet boy did, and now he’s finally settled in at home with his mom and dad.

The time you spend in the NICU is like no other. Everyday things happen, things change on a drop of a dime and you are there with your baby while these amazing nurses and doctors tend to your tiny special miracle. Naturally you start to develop a bond with these people who are spending countless hours and days with you. They start to become like a family to you. So as you can imagine the day you finally get to go home is filled with an incredible range of emotions. Your beyond excited to finally be taking your baby or babies home. But your incredibly sad at the same time knowing that it’s time to say goodbye to the talented nurses and doctors you fell in love with during your stay.

I hope these photos give you an insight of what it’s like on that graduation day. Happiness, sadness, joy, hope. And most of all accomplishement for that tiny baby who came into this world at just 24 weeks and 4 months later he’s a rock star going home, thanks to the talented staff at The Alexander Center for Neonatology at Winnie Palmer Hosptial for Women and Babies.

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