The Second Time Around {Winter Park Maternity Photographer}

Some women are just made to have babies.  It’s like God puts them here to look fantastic during pregnancy so that the rest of the population will see them and think…Oh, pregnancy is not that bad!  And then you have me for example.  I looked like a beached whale during my pregnancy!  Granted there were two in there but still…I am not one of those look fantastic during pregnancy kind of gals and hence the reason I am not jumping at the bit to do it again anytime soon!

Then you have my friend Julie, you see,  she is one of those girls that were meant to carry babies.  She barely looks pregnant at all minus the little volleyball sticking out of her belly.  (I can’t even call it a basketball) She is already mom to the most adorable twin girls and is expecting girl number three in a few months!  I can’t wait to meet the newest addition to the W family soon!

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